Build ME promotes the use of briquettes and energy saving stoves not only to protect shared environment but as source of livelihood for refugees and host communities. Uganda is currently a host to over 1.4 million refugees and of these  about 1,072,646 hail from south Sudan , 313,758 are from Democratic Republic of Congo ,  40,567 are from Burundi,  37, 193 are from Somalia, while 15,517 are from Rwanda. Over 80% of the refugee population on firewood as their primary source fuel and only 31% have energy saving stoves. There is a very high demand for fuel for cooking due to high refugee population. Refugees especially women are forced to move far into bush in search for firewood. Build ME enters into partnerships with local producers of briquettes and energy saving stoves to produce and supply them to groups of refugees (4-10 members) who work as local distributors.


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