Farmers have been trained to adapt to climate change through water conservation and preservation.

Water for production imitative has been integrated where rainy water is collected for production such as irrigation/watering plants and animals.

Environment Conservation
Long Drought seasons affecting rice farming-Buwuni village January 2014


BuildME - Water source
Water source-Children in Buwuni-Bulesa Sub County, drawing water for home use from a well, November 2013



BuildME together with the village authorities have embarked on building water reservoirs and tanks. The tanks are used for harvesting rain water for both production and home use.

Build ME Rain Water harvesting system
BuildME Rain Water harvesting system-tank build along said the roof.


BuildME - Manual Water Pumping Stsyem
Water is then drawn using a rope from the built tank or pumped using an electric or manual pumping system.



Build ME Water tank
BuildME Water tank on the wooden stands, an ideal& cost friendly option for water storage used on the poultry or animal farm.