Policy advocacy is a critical element of the dynamics of development because the policy environment determines the circumstances influencing economic success and the extent to which the atmosphere is conducive for sustainable community Development programs .A certain degree of policy coherence is needed as a pre-condition for development interventions to be effective and the reverse is also true; If the prevailing policy environment is hostile to the economic growth, even good development practices will usually fail.

Once a minimum level of reasonable favorable policy exists, development interventions operate within that policy environment, but the policy also becomes a target of the development process itself. Stakeholders who are constitutes of development interventions become empowered to participate in and influence the prevailing policy structures. Because policy permeates so many levels of the business, agriculture and community development environment, Policy interventions must, by necessity address issues throughout all segments of the value chain in which BuildME activities operate.

BuildME’s policy work spans the range of application from policies that are imposed at the level of local community interventions to regional & national arenas. BuildME policy advocacy program cut across all community interventions done by buildME.

BuildME staff
BuildME staff and officials of catholic secretariat, Caritas in policy review meeting on oil and Gas (Kampala 2013)



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