BuildME Support to women enterprises

BuildME has recruited and registered 252 farmer groups(5040 farmers in total) in to her Agriculture poverty alleviation advocacy program (APAAP).the program has been implemented in both Urban and Rural areas that is:-

  • Scaling Up Rice Value Chain development in 5 sub counties of Butalejja (Mazimasa, Himutu,Kachonga, Butalejja Rural & Nabweyo).Under this project,200 youth,men and women rice growers,millers,Buyers and input dealers benefited.
  • Scaling Up Rice Value Chain development in 5 sub counties of Bugiri District. (Kapyanga, Buluguyi, Nabukalu, Buswale, Bulidha).Contract with rice buyers were signed and farmers are now earning UGX 2000/= Per Kg.
  • Empowering youth framers to hold relevant authorities responsible for strategic service delivery in both Butalejja and Bugiri District, there is effective budget monitoring by the youth in Bugiri and Butalejja.
  • Village saving and Loan associations among the 252 farmer groups has been strengthened. Saving among the farmers at house hold levels has improved by 5% in the 12 months of the project.
BuildME Support to women enterprises
Scaling up Support to women enterprises – BuildME women enterprise development beneficiary attending to her business in the market. There is need for more support to expand women enterprise projects to big commercial stores with non- perishable products. Over 200 women are registered under the enterprise projects with a lot of demand driven enterprises coming up every day.
BuildME Scaling up Capacity Building
Scaling up Capacity Building among the women youth under Women Enterprise development projects – Training women you in Hair dressing as alternative source of income/employment. Efforts are being made to avail more training and standard facilities to women like saloons for them to competitively engage into different enterprises.
BuildME Scaling Up participatory approach
Scaling Up participatory approach among the women enterprise development – BuildME Women participating in group discussions.
BuildME Scaling up Support Monitoring
Scaling up Support Monitoring and consultative meetings – BuildME funders/IDFC officials monitoring performance & Impact of BuildME Interventions in Bugiri.
BuildME - Youth & women Enterprise Project - Piggery farm
Youth & women Enterprise Project – Piggery farm. BuildME has introduced piggery farming as an extension to its main crop value chain development, farmers are encouraged to rear animals’ supplement their income.10 youth & women Enterprise projects have been set up.
BuildME farmer spraying rice
BuildME farmer spraying rice in their farms in Butalejja district. Spraying rice against weeds and other pests increase the quality and quantity of rice produced per ackarage.24 bags will be harvested from 1 acreage if rice is sprayed.
rice stems collected after cutting
Picture showing rice stems collected after cutting – BuildME is working to words improving rice harvesting standards such as use of rice thrashers and combine harvesters. With combine harvester in place there will be improved quality of rice produced since rice does not mix with marble/small stones that reduces its purity, there is limited loses as a result of all rice coming of the stem and even a lot of rice will harvested within a short period of time.
BuildME -  alternative source of income
Support to alternative source of income – Hybrid goats under women & enterprise development project in Bugiri. Success has been made to goat rearing enterprise field with at least every group having between 20-40 goats’ hybrid goats. Support to further develop this sector is key if production and productive of goat products will be achieved.





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