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BuildME is continuously engaging the communities on Behaviour change. Behaviour change is a gradual process, therefore there is need for regular follow ups for increased adoption for hygiene and sanitation practices. Behaviour change has been realized through developing of harmonized hygiene massages by BuildME that focuses on practices other than hardware. Build ME has continuously facilitated exchange visits and competitions between communities. The full potential of health benefits to communities can only be achieved if the provision of water is accompanied by hygiene promotion and sanitation.in addition, sanitation and Hygiene has been integrated with water supply and other agricultural , income generating activities and is yielding positive results.

One of the key lessons learned is that Multi-pronged interventions should be implemented /done in order to ensure sustained functionality of water facilities. These include involvement of beneficiaries and other key stake holders in the entire project cycle, provision of project construction support, selecting the most appropriate technology putting into consideration social economic, geological and climatic factors and establishments of spare parts supply chains. Market based approaches should be adopted as an alternative innovative way of providing water services. They promote user fees payments, access to spare parts, O &M and ultimate sustainability of water supply.

Various approaches have been concurrently promoted in order to increase water supply. For example direct service provision by government and NGOs is being complemented by self-supply especially rain water harvesting. In this regard, supportive arrangements for households to make their own decisions towards promoting self-supply should be created.

BuildME has formed and trained school Health Clubs (SHC) The SHC is measure of giving pupils opportunity to influence each other and their communities to adapt to proper hygiene and sanitation practices.

BuildME Intervention:


Buildme - water tank
Picture of the water tanks built to harvest rainy water, 2012


BuildMe - Water Tank
Water Tank built on the piggery farm to harvest water – 2012
WASH Program

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